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Fuel, flour, diapers: Cubans turn to social media for basics

HAVANA (AP) — "Where to find it?" and "Whatever you want" and "What do you need?"
These are the names of some of the social media groups catering to thousands of Cubans who are using newly available mobile internet to grapple with shortages of basic goods that are worsening under tougher U.S. ... (full story)

Census faces challenges as it aims to hire up to 500,000

<span style=Census faces challenges as it aims to hire up to 500,000 " class="img_border right margin_left"/>

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The U.S. Census Bureau said it has reached its goal of recruiting more than 2.6 million applicants for the once-a-decade head count that launched for most of America last week — but it has been a bumpy road getting there.
The nation's abundance of jobs has complicated the effort, and some rural a ... (full story)

How to stock up wisely, emergency or not

Concerns about the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (abbreviated COVID-19) mean more of us are doing what we probably should have been doing all along: washing our hands more frequently and thoroughly; staying at home when we're sick; stocking up on food and supplies in case that stay becomes extended.
People who may have bee ... (full story)

Caution should be used when researching job applicants' social media

Companies have long researched job applicants' social media accounts to learn more about their potential new employees' background a practice, attorneys say, that isn't unlawful, but should be used with caution.
Sara Jodka, a labor and employment lawyer for the Dickinson Wright law firm in Columbus, said the same legal rules for ... (full story)

Overdue for a split?

Q: Why hasn't Amazon.com split its shares recently? Is it due for a split soon? -- G.K., Ocala, Florida
A: The company "went public," issuing shares on the stock market for the first time via an initial public offering (IPO), back in May 1997. It split its stock three times soon after, splitting 2-for-1 in 1998 and 3-f ... (full story)